About us

Original theatre of puppets and objects

DAMÚZA studio has been active on the czech drama scene since 1999.
Today DAMÚZA is a puppet and object theatre and group of producers and managers that supports inventive performers, musicians and visual artists who want to explore, provoke, and innovate, instead of being tied to a regular theatre stage. The studio has always focused mainly on supporting ambitious projects by students and new alumni of DAMU – Academy of Performing Arts at Prague.

We support original, innovative projects for viewers well educated in drama and looking for something new. The productions usually combine alternative genres with visual arts, puppet theatre, music, and dance.

We help create small puppet dramatic tales, in collaboration with DAMU’s Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre. These minimalist and very precise performances typically have small casts and are characterized by their original approach to puppet-making, set design, and their powerful story-telling.

During last few years we produce as well early years theatre performances and we run even the first czech festival for toddlers aged 10 months to 3 years called KUK!

Check: www.kukfestival.cz

Apart from that we run also an interactive, educational festival for children and their parents called VyšeHrátky.

Check: www.vysehratky.cz

We love what we do and we believe that sharing our approach to theater will appeal to you!